C++ Actor Framework 0.19
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caf::stream Class Reference

Provides access to a potentially unbound sequence of items emitted by an actor. More...

#include <stream.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for caf::stream:
caf::detail::comparable< stream >

Public Member Functions

 stream (stream &&) noexcept=default
 stream (const stream &) noexcept=default
streamoperator= (stream &&) noexcept=default
streamoperator= (const stream &) noexcept=default
 stream (strong_actor_ptr source, type_id_t type, std::string name, uint64_t id)
 stream (strong_actor_ptr source, type_id_t type, cow_string name, uint64_t id)
template<class T >
bool has_element_type () const noexcept
 Checks whether this stream emits elements of type T.
const strong_actor_ptrsource () const noexcept
 Queries the source of this stream.
type_id_t type () const noexcept
 Returns the type ID of the items emitted by the source.
const std::string & name () const noexcept
 Returns the human-readable name for this stream, as announced by the source.
uint64_t id () const noexcept
 Returns the source-specific identifier for this stream.
ptrdiff_t compare (const stream &other) const noexcept


template<class Inspector >
bool inspect (Inspector &f, stream &obj)

Detailed Description

Provides access to a potentially unbound sequence of items emitted by an actor.

Each stream is uniquely identified by the address of the hosting actor plus an integer value. Further, streams have human-readable names attached to them in order to make help with observability and logging.

Member Function Documentation

◆ source()

const strong_actor_ptr & caf::stream::source ( ) const

Queries the source of this stream.

Default-constructed streams return a null pointer.

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