C++ Actor Framework 0.19
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caf::scoped_actor Class Reference

A scoped handle to a blocking actor. More...

#include <scoped_actor.hpp>

Public Types

using signatures = none_t

Public Member Functions

 scoped_actor (actor_system &sys, bool hide=false)
 scoped_actor (const scoped_actor &)=delete
scoped_actoroperator= (const scoped_actor &)=delete
 scoped_actor (scoped_actor &&)=delete
scoped_actoroperator= (scoped_actor &&)=delete
 operator bool () const
actor_systemhome_system () const
blocking_actoroperator-> () const
blocking_actoroperator* () const
actor_addr address () const
blocking_actorptr () const

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr bool has_weak_ptr_semantics = false


template<class , class , int >
class actor_cast_access

Related Symbols

(Note that these are not member symbols.)

CAF_CORE_EXPORT std::string to_string (const scoped_actor &x)

Detailed Description

A scoped handle to a blocking actor.


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