C++ Actor Framework 0.19
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caf::save_inspector Class Reference

Base type for inspectors that save objects to some output sink. More...

#include <save_inspector.hpp>

Inherited by caf::save_inspector_base< binary_serializer >, caf::save_inspector_base< stringification_inspector >, caf::save_inspector_base< fnv< T > >, caf::save_inspector_base< sha1 >, caf::save_inspector_base< serializer >, and caf::save_inspector_base< Subtype >.

Public Member Functions

void set_error (error stop_reason)
template<class... Ts>
void emplace_error (Ts &&... xs)
const errorget_error () const noexcept
error && move_error () noexcept
template<class... Ts>
void field_invariant_check_failed (std::string msg)
template<class... Ts>
void field_value_synchronization_failed (std::string msg)
template<class... Ts>
void invalid_field_type (std::string msg)

Static Public Member Functions

template<class T >
static auto field (std::string_view name, T &x)
template<class Get , class Set >
static auto field (std::string_view name, Get get, Set &&)
template<class IsPresent , class Get , class... Ts>
static auto field (std::string_view name, IsPresent is_present, Get get, Ts &&...)

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr bool is_loading = false
 Enables dispatching on the inspector type.

Protected Attributes

error err_

Detailed Description

Base type for inspectors that save objects to some output sink.

Deriving from this class enables the inspector DSL.

The derived type still needs to provide an object() member function for the DSL.

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