C++ Actor Framework 0.19
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caf::message_handler Class Reference

A partial function implementation used to process a message. More...

#include <message_handler.hpp>

Public Types

using impl_ptr = intrusive_ptr< detail::behavior_impl >
 A pointer to the underlying implementation.

Public Member Functions

 message_handler (message_handler &&)=default
 message_handler (const message_handler &)=default
message_handleroperator= (message_handler &&)=default
message_handleroperator= (const message_handler &)=default
const impl_ptras_behavior_impl () const
 Returns a pointer to the implementation.
 message_handler (impl_ptr ptr)
 Creates a message handler from ptr.
 operator bool () const
 Checks whether the message handler is not empty.
template<class T , class... Ts>
 message_handler (const T &v, Ts &&... xs)
 Create a message handler a list of match expressions, functors, or other message handlers.
template<class... Ts>
void assign (Ts... xs)
 Assigns new message handlers.
void assign (message_handler what)
 Equal to *this = other.
std::optional< messageoperator() (message &arg)
 Runs this handler and returns its (optional) result.
bool operator() (detail::invoke_result_visitor &f, message &xs)
 Runs this handler with callback.
template<class... Ts>
std::conditional_t<(may_have_timeout_v< std::decay_t< Ts > >||...), behavior, message_handleror_else (Ts &&... xs) const
 Returns a new handler that concatenates this handler with a new handler from xs....


class behavior

Detailed Description

A partial function implementation used to process a message.

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