C++ Actor Framework 0.19
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caf::json_object Class Reference

Represents a JSON object. More...

#include <json_object.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 json_object (json_object &&) noexcept=default
 json_object (const json_object &) noexcept=default
json_objectoperator= (json_object &&) noexcept=default
json_objectoperator= (const json_object &) noexcept=default
bool empty () const noexcept
 Checks whether the object has no members.
bool is_empty () const noexcept
 Alias for empty.
size_t size () const noexcept
 Returns the number of key-value pairs in this object.
json_value value (std::string_view key) const
 Returns the value for key or an undefined value if the object does not contain a value for key.
const_iterator begin () const noexcept
const_iterator end () const noexcept
template<class Buffer >
void print_to (Buffer &buf, size_t indentation_factor=0) const


class json_value
template<class Inspector >
bool inspect (Inspector &inspector, json_object &obj)

Related Symbols

(Note that these are not member symbols.)

CAF_CORE_EXPORT std::string to_string (const json_object &val)

Detailed Description

Represents a JSON object.

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