First Pre-release of Version 0.15 Released!


30 June 2016, Dominik Charousset [#API] [#GitHub]


The first pre-release version of 0.15 has just been released! As outlined in our previous post, this version comes with breaking changes. However, we think the end result is well worth it. This release is the result of 8 months of development and 374 commits.

The best starting points to learn the new API is to read the examples and the extensively updated manual (as HTML or PDF). Special thanks go to our early adopters for feedback, discussion, and bug fixing!

Our goal with this pre-release is to stabilize the API. We have one planned feature for the next pre-release that allows users to write less boilerplate code for serialization and string conversion. However, this change will be backwards compatible. Please do not hesitate to propose changes to the current API on GitHub.

By the way, configuring your CAF application is now incredibly easy. We support CLI options as well as separate INI files. The new manual has an entire section dedicated to the new extensible config mechanism.

We plan to release the next pre-release end of July. Whether or not we release a third pre-release version depends on the amount of user feedback we get (and how many bugs we find). If all goes well, we will ship 0.15 in August.